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AGED 18+? Ayep.

RESERVED? Not in the slightest.

IN-GAME CHARACTERS: Invited by Lynn!


NAME: Diego "Godot" Armando

CANON: Ace Attorney

CANON POINT: Trials and Tribulations, post Bridge to the Turnabout.

ARRIVAL TYPE: Accidental.

IC USERNAME: thelastdrop

HISTORY: Here's links to the Ace Attorney wiki pages for Trials & Tribulations and Godot, if you want more info about anything in particular. Here's a few paragraphs anyway.

Diego Armando was once a noted defense lawyer for Grossberg Law Offices, where he worked under Marvin Grossberg alongside a rookie Mia Fey, acting as her aide on her first-ever case as a defense attorney. Their client, a man named Terry Fawles, was an escaped convict on trial for the stabbing of a police officer, but the case turned out to be far more complicated than a simple murder. New facts were unearthed about his original crime that shed doubt on Terry as a killer, revealing him instead to be a simple sap in love taking the fall for a criminal far more cold-blooded. Unfortunately, he died on the stand after drinking poison slipped past the guards by the real killer and mastermind behind the original kidnapping, one Dahlia Hawthorne. Despite his death, however, the can of worms opened by this trial gave Diego and Mia more than enough reason to reopen the investigation of the incident that originally convicted Fawles five years prior. Brought closer together by the events of that day, Diego and Mia began a relationship that was soon to come to a sudden and horrible end.

Five months later, Diego was interrogating Dahlia Hawthorne in the courthouse cafeteria. Sometime during their conversation, he looked away, only for a moment--but a moment was long enough. Dahlia slipped poison stolen from her pharmacist boyfriend into Diego's ever-present coffee mug. After drinking the deadly beverage, he slipped into a coma, and hovered between life and death for five long years. During this time, his once-protégé Mia Fey was involved in another case with Dahlia Hawthorne, representing Dahlia's new boyfriend--the young Phoenix Wright. This case gave Mia the chance she'd been waiting for, and after proving Phoenix's innocence, she put Dahlia behind bars for life, taking revenge for her comatose boyfriend. She finally made a name for herself as a grade-A defense attorney, and left Grossberg Law Offices to start her own practice, Fey & Co. Law Offices. The defendant in her second case, Phoenix, soon joined her at her new firm, and she mentored him much as Diego once did for her. However, one month after Phoenix's first case, Mia was suddenly murdered while investigating some shady dealings by the company Bluecorp. Her younger sister, Maya, was framed for the murder, and it fell to Phoenix Wright to clear both their names and send Mia's killer to prison. After doing so, Maya joined Phoenix at Fey & Co., renamed Wright & Co. after its new head lawyer. Two years passed, and Phoenix is now a well-known defense attorney, notorious for taking cases thought impossible by most.

It is around this time that Diego finally regains consciousness thanks to the smell of coffee. The world that he finds upon waking is drastically changed--his girlfriend is dead, her successor the very kid who protected the woman who killed Diego and failed to protect Mia. Dahlia is in prison on death row, soon to be gone beyond vengeance. Everyone he knows has assumed him dead, or as good as, and he does nothing to enlighten them, as he feels that old self--Diego Armando--did indeed die. What came back from hell was someone else. Adopting the alias 'Godot' and hiding his face behind the mask he now requires to see, Diego begins working as a prosecutor. His only goal is to test Phoenix Wright, to see if this supposed inheritor of Mia Fey's legal legacy deserves the title. Godot is convinced he does not, that this man doesn't even deserve to wear the golden badge of a defense attorney, and seeks his downfall in the courtroom with the single-minded vengeance of a ghost. They butt heads several times in the courtroom, and despite Godot's determination, Phoenix always seems to scrape by with a win by the skin of his teeth and sheer luck. It's infuriating, to say the least.

Their last encounter in the courtroom takes place when a famed author is murdered at the shrine Phoenix, Maya, and Pearl are staying at. In the end, it turns out that the author Elise Deauxnim was actually Maya's mother, Misty Fey, missing for 17 years. Her killer? None other than Godot, who stabbed her in order to save her daughter. Misty had been channeling the spirit of the very woman who had murdered him, Dahlia Hawthorne, and Godot himself isn't sure if he did it to save Maya or to get his own revenge on Dahlia. She managed to wound him, as well, and as Phoenix manages to find the right clues and prove that it was Godot who killed Misty, Godot himself finally realizes that all this time, Phoenix hasn't been mourning his mentor, Mia--he's picked up where she left off, defending the innocent. It's a good thing, and it's more than Godot himself--more than Diego--could do. Diego surrenders himself to the court, and finally acknowledges Phoenix as the better man, and a worthy successor for his own beloved Mia. Finally, he's able to acknowledge what he's done, who he's become, and lay his past--mostly--to rest.

PERSONALITY: Diego Armando was smooth, suave, passionate, self-confident, a successful lawyer with everything to live for. His insistent commitment to what he believed was right, his conviction that a true defense attorney must first and foremost believe in his client wholeheartedly, and his willingness to accept cases most would shy from made him one of the rising stars of the courtroom, while his roguish smile and careless charm made him a definite hit with the ladies. He was a man who knew who and what he was, and that confidence radiated from him with a light you could see from a mile away.

His usual cocky attitude and devil-may-care demeanor served him as the long grasses of the Serengeti do lions, hiding a fierce hunter with sharp instincts. Using his easy manner and open metaphor to lure the witness into a false sense of ease, his claws had torn more than one false testimony to shreds. This hidden depth held true for all sides of Diego, and beneath that brazen, flirtatious exterior lay a far more compassionate, thoughtful soul. In the most intimate situations, Diego was tender, protective, loving, the perfect shoulder to cry on. In times of distress, he was a rock, a beacon of light those around him turned to for guidance. He lived by wholes, and never hesitated to dive headfirst into any new endeavor. He dreamt vividly, loved passionately, and was always the first to stand for those who need a friend.

The poisoning and resulting coma changed him in unimaginable ways. Whatever Dahlia put in his coffee rampaged through his body, wreaking havoc on his central nervous system. It turned his hair white and left him all but blind and plagued by constant physical pain. Diego cannot see without the help of his visor, and with the visor comes a very particular drawback--he can no longer see the color red. As Godot so eloquently puts it, "in my world, the color red no longer exists." Refusing all pain medication, Godot relies only on a constant intake of caffeine and sheer willpower to keep him going.

The emotional damage done to Diego is just as apparent as the physical changes. As Godot, he is still smooth and quick-witted, but instead of using his words to charm, he uses them with cruel efficiency. He is brusque, impatient, and cold, even his compliments often containing barbed or two-faced meanings. He reacts to incompetency with scathing retort and is quite insolent, refusing to recognize any authority aside from 'justice' and 'the truth' (and of course, his secret mistress, 'caffeine'). This often leads him towards conflict with the judicial system, though Judge's slightly-senile demeanor usually lets him get away without any lasting damage.

In one day, one hour, one cup of coffee, everything he knew to be true about the universe and his place in it changed. When he woke up five years later, all he was left with were memories. As he recovered from his time spent in a coma, going through physical therapy, his constant companions were guilt, self-recrimination, undirected anger, and sorrow for a life lost in its prime. Godot is a man driven by vengeance and grief, the bitter blackness he feels in his heart showing more and more as time passes. Unable to forgive himself for not being there when Mia needed him most, incapable of admitting it, he focuses all his anger on the one person closest to Mia before she died--Phoenix 'Trite.' Phoenix becomes the scapegoat for everything Godot is too blind to realize he feels about himself. He pursues Phoenix's downfall with single-minded determination, and it isn't until his final case as a prosecutor that he realizes what he's been doing, and realizes that maybe--just maybe--"Diego" isn't dead, after all. That the reason he's become Godot at all is just Diego's inability to cope with his own guilt and self-doubt. Realizing that Phoenix is Mia's spiritual successor in ways he could never be gives him the strength to admit to his own fears and sorrows, and finally lay a portion of his past to rest, though he still struggles with everything that's come before. It isn't easy, coming back from the dead. It changes you. Godot is now, finally, just a man trying to accept those changes, and find a way to reconcile who he's become with who he used to be, one slow step at a time. It's hard. He's always been a little arrogant, a lot stubborn. But slowly, he's trying to become the kind of man Mia would have been proud of, and trying to rediscover his failed faith in humanity.

INVENTORY: what you see here: The clothes on his back, his visor, a prosecutor's badge, a white ceramic coffee mug.




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